Empower Content. Engage Users.

EZONES is an Enterprise Solution that gets your content exposed, consumed, and engaged with by your desired audience. Accessible across all devices, anywhere, anytime, EZONES enables you to drive user interaction with superior content.

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Showcase Your Content

Don’t let cumbersome file names confuse users. Give content items titles and descriptions that allow your most important resources to rise above the clutter.

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Preview Resources

Take the guesswork out of file contents with EZONES’ previews. Know what exactly what you’re accessing without clicking or downloading multiple items.

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Choose Your Favorites

We all have items we go back to again and again, so why not make them easy to find! With EZONES’ favorites, you’ll be able to make your own list of the items you need most.

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Sharing Made Easy

At EZONES, we’re all about making collaboration simple. With a single click, EZONES allows you to share content items with your fellow users to help make your team more productive.

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Organized Just For You

Using a channel structure, EZONES allows your business to organize resources in the way that fits your needs best. We also allow users to view content in the layout that’s most appealing to them, encouraging active engagement with assets.

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The Solution for Any Platform


For Sharepoint

For Salesforce


Our stand-alone option makes it easier than ever to share assets with partners, customers, vendors, and internal staff.

The EZONES Cloud is our most customizable solution for content management. This feature-rich SaaS platform can stand alone, or can connect to the systems inside your organization to bring all of your assets together in one place.

ezones for sharepoint

Maximize your investment in SharePoint with our integrated web part that makes your relevant content easy to find and share.

EZONES for SharePoint gives users a way to engage with content more effectively, increasing both productivity and active interest. Beat the infamous “SharePoint Sprawl” while allowing your content to become more dynamic and rise above the clutter.

EZONES for Salesforce - Coming soon!

With its user-friendly display, EZONES for Salesforce makes it easy for your sales and customer service teams to find the resources and pertinent information they need at a glance.

EZONES for Salesforce allows you to bring any content you may need (sales collateral, product specs, help documents, etc.) directly inside your Salesforce environment. By eliminating the need to hunt through cluttered systems for the right assets, you save valuable time, which ultimately translates to higher call volume and increased customer satisfaction.

who uses ezones?

The short answer- Everyone! While the possibilities for EZONES are endless, here’s just a sample of how we can help your organization to increase productivity with superior content resources and engaged users.


Case study

Boxlight is a high tech education solutions company headquartered in Belfair, Washington. Since 1985, Boxlight has been developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing projectors for schools, government agencies, houses of worship, and every customer in between.
Boxlight recently acquired several companies to enhance their offerings, bringing them to over 3,000 employees and channel partners worldwide. With so many new employees, additional corporate IP and content, as well as new partners coming into the organization, it was important for Boxlight to have a single destination for users to access any corporate information they would need. They were also eager for a place where their global employees could feel connected to the company, no matter their location or the device they were using.

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