EZONES for SharePoint

SharePoint is often viewed as the platform for everything. Need to make a document accessible for your team? Put it in SharePoint! Want to provide links to employee resources? SharePoint can do that too! Unfortunately, these environments tend to become glorified document repositories that users dread accessing. Marketing collateral, videos, and other materials fall victim to “SharePoint Sprawl,” which makes them impossible to find and further frustrates already disengaged users.

EZONES for SharePoint gives users a way to engage with content more effectively, increasing both productivity and active interest. With EZONES for SharePoint you can:

Get the right content to the right people.

EZONES recognizes individual users and creates a personalized experience based on their preferences. Users are able to access content that is most relevant to them.

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Keep users in SharePoint

Video, audio, spreadsheets, and other resources can all be viewed within SharePoint without the need to access any other applications. This ensures content can be accessed without distraction.

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Increase user engagement.

Evolve your content from a mere list of links to more dynamic, tangible, and innovative content resources. EZONES for SharePoint can help your internal assets reach new heights by pairing them with valuable external resources. With access to our incredible media network, you can stream external content (link) directly into your SharePoint portal. Whether it’s highlighting your internal resources or providing premium external content, EZONES gives your users assets they’ll be eager to use.

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  • Go Anywhere Capability allows you to drag EZONES anywhere inside SharePoint and select your desired layout and content appearance.
  • Build a Favorites List for easy sharing and fast access to the most important resources.
  • View content on any device with EZONES’ automatic multi format transcoding, optimized for mobile and rich clients.
  • Track your success with administrative dashboards that include reports on who is accessing what content and how often
  • Control your content display by setting channel order and the percentage of content to be displayed
  • Create “required content” for mandatory user viewing
  • Upload content in a snap with our easy uploader. All types of media are supported including: PDF, Office documents & spreadsheets, audio, video, images, and more!
  • Tag content with keywords so users can locate items associated with specific topics.
  • SharePoint Search integration makes it faster and easier to find assets when you need them.


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