EZONES for Salesforce

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If you’re focused on Inside Sales or Customer Service, chances are you spend most of your day in Salesforce. Salesforce is where you manage your calls, take notes, and keep track of next steps. It’s the place that gives you almost everything you need to reach and support your customers as effectively as possible. Almost.

EZONES for Salesforce allows you to bring any content you may need (sales collateral, product specs, help documents, etc.) directly inside your Salesforce environment. By eliminating the need to hunt through cluttered systems for the right assets, you save valuable time, which ultimately translates to higher call volume and increased customer satisfaction. Simply put, more calls and happier customers translates to more revenue for your business.

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If growing your bottom line isn’t convincing enough, EZONES’ versatility might convince you. Not only can you upload content directly into EZONES for Salesforce, you can also share any content already housed in your EZONES Cloud or EZONES for SharePoint environments. It’s as simple as clicking a button to turn on the channels you want to surface in each environment. It’s so easy you don’t even need to ask IT for help - If you can check a box, you can share content across your EZONES environments.

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