The EZONES Cloud is our most customizable solution for content management. This feature-rich SaaS platform can stand alone, or can connect to the systems inside your organization to bring all of your assets together in one place.

With easy-to-use admin tools and a fully customizable interface, EZONES Cloud provides a convenient content hub for anyone to interact with, including employees, customers, partners, or vendors. EZONES organizes all your assets into channels for ultimate convenience.

EZONES Cloud offers you the greatest opportunity for customization and allows you the ability to:

Build an Environment for Your Unique Needs

The flexibility of EZONES Cloud provides you with the opportunity to create an online space befitting your unique requirements. Want to highlight your highest performing employees? Create a VIP Spotlight for all to see! Want to alert your users to the latest company headlines? Add a Breaking News feature on your homepage! With a wide array of add-ons, the EZONES team can help you build just about anything you can dream up. Just let us know what features you need to make your EZONES site feel like home.

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Increase User Engagement

Our easy-to-use channel system makes your resources more engaging than ever. Users can effortlessly find specific items with the Search function, or browse through content that has been curated just for them based on their viewing profile. Plus, additional content from external sources ensures your site will always have something new for users to discover.

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Foster a Nurturing Work Environment

EZONES Cloud allows you to give more attention to your users with features like Awards, People Spotlight, and President’s Club. Whether it’s recognizing a job well done or highlighting birthdays and work anniversaries, EZONES gives you an easy way to help employees feel like more than just a number.

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  • A Single Resource Hub Bring all of your internal content resources together in one convenient location. EZONES supports all types of media including: videos, podcasts, spreadsheets, books, magazines, music, Word docs, PDFs and more!
  • Premium Content for Superior Experience Provide users with external assets to help keep your site fresh and encourage your users to check in often. Whether it’s the latest industry news, wellness tips, or professional development training, our media network can source the best content for your team
  • Easy to Deploy, Use, and Customize. Take control of your content and messaging without ever having to ask for help from IT. Administrators can add or update content with just the click of a mouse- no coding required.
  • Any Device. Anywhere. Any Time. Our responsive design allows EZONES to automatically adjust to any device. Your users will enjoy a robust, enterprise-worthy hub with a consumer-grade experience whether they use a computer, smart phone, or tablet. EZONES also transcodes your content to be optimized for any bandwidth, providing an exceptional experience no matter your location
  • Keeping Information Secure EZONES ensures only the people you want can access the content you decide. Set your own permissions to regulate who can see what content and who can upload and edit content on your site.


Contact us to connect with an EZONES specialist for more information.

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