Products & Solutions

No matter what industry you’re in or how large your organization is, chances are you face similar challenges with your content. Items are difficult to find, users rarely see new content, and frustration with tools prevents users from actually using available resources. That’s where EZONES comes in.

One Platform, Many Products

Depending on your  unique needs, EZONES has a variety of products to help make your content more productive. All of our products allow you to stream in external content resources, as well as share content across any of your EZONES accounts.

Empowered Content Engaged Users

Content is crucial, no matter what industry you’re in. However, even the best content falls flat if it’s not reaching the right people. In a culture that is absolutely saturated with content, how do you ensure your most important assets are being seen? That’s where EZONES comes in. EZONES is the solution that will help your content rise above the clutter and help you actively engage your users.

Dynamic content captures attention. That’s why EZONES does more than just store your resources in a static list. We give you a number of unique tools to enhance your content’s visual appeal and make it easier to navigate. You’ll also find tools to help you target specific users, suggest similar content, and highlight the most critical resources. Plus, our straightforward “channel” system makes it easy to group your assets so team members and clients will know exactly where to find the resources they need. No more clutter or frustration.

The Right Content for the Right Users

Not only does EZONES keep your assets organized and easily searchable, it also matches users with their preferred content. Based on a user’s role or preferences, EZONES is able to surface the content that is most relevant to them.

All content is accessed directly within the EZONES environment, without the need for external viewers or players. Not only does this provide users with a single hub for everything they need, it also automatically optimizes your content for any bandwidth, ensuring the fastest load times. The experience is simple, intuitive, and enjoyable, no matter how tech savvy the user is (or isn’t).

Keep Content Current

Thanks to collaborative editing platforms, today’s resources seem to evolve at the speed of light. It’s easy to mix up different versions of the same document if you’re not careful. In the worst cases, multiple versions of the same resource can surface around the office, confusing your team members and misinforming your clients.

EZONES puts a stop to this problem by giving you the means to prominently display the latest version of any document. With EZONES, you can ensure consistency in your messaging and be confident that your employees and/or clients are accessing accurate, up-to-date information.

Content That Compels

People expect to see new headlines regularly. It’s the same with your company’s information – users are far more likely to engage if they see something new to spark their interest. However, a lack of time or manpower often makes it difficult to update your assets on a regular basis.

EZONES solves this problem by supplementing your internal content with content from external providers. This ensures your site always has a regular supply of fresh content that is both reliable and relevant.

With content options ranging from health and wellness, to finance, world and in dustry news, it’s easy to find new, engaging resources that are relevant to your users. Even if you don’t have time to update your internal resources, content from EZONES will always remain current, ensuring your EZONES portal is always dynamic.

See some of our sample feeds below and visit to see even more possibilities for supplemental content.