Schools are a community of resources- teachers, students, administrators, and all the content they create to support their ideas and learning paths. The challenge is how to share this disparate content across classrooms, campuses, and districts to ensure both teachers and students have the best and most innovative materials to further their education.


EZONES enables schools and their many departments to share resources and connect with their community contributors. From something as simple as sharing classroom resources like worksheets or project outlines, to accessing valuable educational content like historical documentaries to enhance student engagement, EZONES can help.

Accessible from any device, EZONES also allows educational institutions to share important alerts with their faculty. If there are special events, weather warnings, or even school emergencies, these updates can be shared with anyone with access to EZONES.

If you’re interested in providing better communication and collaboration amongst your campus or school district, contact the EZONES team today to request a trial to best fit your needs.

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