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Belfair, WA
Education; High Tech Manufacturing
Employee and Partner Portal


Boxlight is a high tech education solutions company headquartered in Belfair, Washington. Since 1985, Boxlight has been developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing projectors for schools, government agencies, houses of worship, and every customer in between.

Boxlight recently acquired several companies to enhance their offerings, bringing them to over 3,000 employees and channel partners worldwide. With so many new employees, additional corporate IP and content, as well as new partners coming into the organization, it was important for Boxlight to have a single destination for users to access and engage with any corporate information they may need. They were also eager for a place where their global employees could feel connected to the company, no matter their location or what device they were using.

There were several challenges the team was facing with their current document management solution, but the biggest challenge was ease of access. In order to access any corporate documents–marketing materials, spec sheets, or even pricing–employees and partners would have to remote into a server, and then hunt for content. Users more often than not had difficulty getting access, and when they finally got into the system, they couldn’t find what they were looking for.

EZONES worked closely with the Boxlight team to create an easy to access portal for employees and partners where they could expose their content, provide users a means to consume that content, and ultimately increase user engagement with their assets. By creating an online corporate hub for their global workforce, Boxlight was able to organize all of their disparate content and reduce clutter, all without compromising security. Boxlight’s President and COO, Hank Nance, commented “With EZONES, we have organized our entire company into five channels, increasing employee efficiency and engagement.”

Perhaps most importantly, EZONES helped Boxlight to increase their bottom line. By making their corporate content easily accessible and more organized, employees and partners were able to provide their customers with the right resources and the right pricing more quickly.

Boxlight also asked for news feeds from Reuters, Motley Fool, and Inc. Magazine to be integrated with their corporate content to further enhance their solution. By having this dynamic 3rd party content alongside their internal assets, Boxlight is able to provide their workforce with the competitive advantage of having access to the latest tech and world news at their fingertips. Employees and partners are able to make informed business decisions without having to hunt for the information, while also having the supporting internal content at the ready.



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